Value Added Tax

Bainbridge Tax Consulting works with professionals and sole traders to help ensure that their VAT obligations are met.

For those starting off in business or moving to a growth stage of their business we address the following queries:

  • VAT – what’s it all about?
  • Am I obliged to register for VAT?
  • What VAT rate applies to the goods or services I provide?
  • How do pay VAT to Revenue?
  • How do I claim VAT back from Revenue?


We offer a VAT Review Service to our clients who have been in business for a longer period addressing the following queries:

  • Are my procedures adequate and up to date?
  • Have rates changed, are the correct rates still being applied?
  • Am I dealing with foreign VAT correctly?  Am I self-accounting where 0% is applied?
  • Is there a reclaim of foreign VAT available?
  • Is my record keeping compliant?

If you have any queries regarding your VAT processes and obligations contact us.