Hiring a Nanny or Child Minder

With pressures on parents to work and provide an income many couples are looking to hire a nanny to mind their children.  In the majority of instances this means that the nanny becomes an employee of the couple who then face all the tax compliance obligations of any employer.

We offer a specialist service to assist families to meet their employer obligations including:

  • Tax registration for PAYE / PRSI
  • Employee registration for PAYE if required – this is particularly necessary for foreign nannies who have not worked in Ireland previously.
  • Net to gross employee cost calculations – if you promise a net payment of €250 a week what will that cost including taxes, USC, PRSI etc.
  • Termination payments calculations including statutory payments, ex-gratia tax exemptions etc.
  • All weekly, monthly and annual compliance including:
    • Registration of employees
    • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payslips
    • Monthly P30 reports
    • Monthly or Quarterly P30 return filing and payment instructions
    • Annual P35 reconciliation and filing
    • P60’s for all employees
    • P45 for leavers

If you have any queries or are unsure about your obligations contact us.